How to trade stocks on the Montex Exchange


  • Limit Order BUY
  • Limit Order SELL
  • Market Order BUY
  • Market Order SELL

How to place a limit order buy

On the lower middle section of the stock trade page, there is a form similar to the one pictured on the screenshot. The values underneath the  “Buy” subtitle is the available amount of ETH and MON. Underneath the “Sell” subtitle are the quantities of stocks you currently own.
For example, if you wish to purchase 10 stocks using ETH in limit orders, you fill in the form as follows (Fees are paid by MON). Choose the type of currency you wish to transact, and after inputting the quantity of stocks you wish to buy, the total and fees will be automatically calculated. We recommend to use MON for a better deal when paying fees. The % underneath the quantity section is used when buying stocks with your available amount of N%.

For example, if 50% is charged when you have 1000 ETH, the total payment amount will be calculated as 500 ETH. Furthermore, if you wish to buy stocks shown seen on the “Buy Order” column, please do the following.
Click here for the price and the maximum value of buyable quantities will be listed. A confirmation dialogue box will appear after clicking the button, Press Yes to see your order.
The order you have just placed is seen on the “Open” subsection, placed in the “Buy Order” and “Transaction History” (pictured on the left and right of the screen, respectively). Unconfirmed purchases will be listed on the “Open” subsection, and confirmed purchases will be listed on the “Close” subsection. If you wish to withdraw from a transaction, simply press “Cancel Trade” on the “Open” subsection. You will be asked to press a button on the dialogue box to cancel your purchases.
[Ex] Sell Trade History
[Ex] Cancel Sell Trade

How to place a limit order sale

The process of placing a limit order sale is nearly identical to placing a limit order purchase. To place a limit order sale, fill in the form on the lower right side of the page.
As similar to placing a limit order purchase, the price and quantity will be calculated automatically. After confirming a transaction, you can check your sell orders on the left side of the page, and order history on the right side of the page.
To cancel or withdraw from a trade, check the limit order purchase page as it is identical.

How to place a price order purchase

Other than not having to input the price, the processes of placing an order is identical to placing a limit order sale. Firstly, go to the price order form. The page is under the “Price Order” subsection, located on the lower right side of the form.
After clicking, you will be directed to the price order form. It is a very simple process due to the lack of inputting various values.
You cannot input prices. Simply input the amount of stocks you wish to purchase, and choose whether to pay fees in MON or ETH.
Check the dialogue box, press “Yes” and your trade will be complete. After completion, your order will not be listed under the “Open” subsection nor will it be eligible for cancellation.

How to place a price order sale

Once again, the process is identical to placing a price order purchase.
Choose the type of quantity and fee, and you will be prompted with a dialogue box. After confirmation, you can sell your stocks. Realistically, you can obtain MON only by this method.